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Scruffys Irish Pub

Scruffys Irish Pub in Karlsruhe, Germany is one of the friendliest places in the world. That's the story!
Owner Paul "Scruffy" Burke plays host to regular live music (plugged and unplugged), and there's never a shortage of mischief, mayhem and melodies at the bar.
Established in 1999, the pub is home of Irish Folk Rock band The Krusty Moors, as well as countless revellers and reprobates. There's never a dull moment in Scruffys.

Carrolls Irish Pub

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Montag: Burger Time
Dienstag: Radler 0,5l 2,80 €
Mittwoch: Ladies Night: Aperol Spritz 4€, Lillet Wild Berry 4€
Donnerstag: Student Night Astra Urtyp 1,50€
Freitag: All Shots 1,50€
Samstag: Weinschorle 0,4l 3€

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